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Website content creation is made up from a variety of items, the main ones being copy, images, and videos. If you could imagine a website without a combination of those items it would be a pretty empty, boring, website. There was a time where all you had to do is have a website full of images … videos … and pages of text, and you would rank pretty well in Google. There was little competition and need to have really great, informational content.

So Much Content

Today there are so many people out there competing for traffic, it makes it hard for Google to know what the best website to list first. There have been many recent updates to Google that make search results better for the end user, the way it does it is based off of your website SEO content.

There isn’t a magic formula for ranking better than the next guy. There are many practices that help, but the main factor in ranking in Google is to have really great, shareable, and informational content on your website. Easy, right? Well, it may be a lot harder than you think.

Our writers not only know what Google likes, but they know what people like. The more human sounding your website is, the more likely Google will rank you for its related searches.

We specialize in Content Writing, Graphic Design, and Video Production content creation services.

Check out some video examples from one of our partners in creating original content. SIP CREATIVES,

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