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Top 3 Website Tests

We all know that a website can do a lot for your business. We also know that it can do absolutely nothing for your business, if not properly taken care of. If you have a website and if you don’t really know how well, or how bad, it’s performing, here are some simple tests for your website that you can run very quickly.

#1 Nibbler

Nibbler is one of our favorite website testing tools. One of the biggest reasons is for it’s great looking, and easy to understand, interface. It gives you a very clean overview of your site, what it’s doing good and what needs work. It even dives into your social media and rates how well you’re doing. One pitfall is that their recommendations can be vague, and not much help. But for the most part you can pull enough good information to make changes that will increase your score. The important thing is that you’re aware of the problems. Then you can hire someone to take care of them for you.


#2 GT Metrix

GTmetrix has an easy interface to understand for most users. You simply enter in your website URL and it does the rest. Your page speed grade is a score that google uses when placing your site in search engines.  The smaller your page, while still having good content, and the faster it loads, the better you look to google. GT Metrix provides some great resources such as comparing one page to another, a history for those who have an account, and an option to download your report. With the Pro account you can save URL’s, get hourly monitoring, video capture alerts, and a few more cool features.



Webpage test gives you a site performance test per page. It allows you test with different browsers which really gives you some extra insight on how your viewers are seeing your website. Google ranks your site based on many things, but one major one is how fast your site loads. This test will give you a breakdown on what is taking the longest to load on your site, and how long that is. They also attach a grade to that load time. So anything from as simple as having a giant work party image up on one of your pages straight off of your digital camera. To forcing your site to load Retina Optimized images, you’re most likely killing your page load time.

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